Dianabol – Oral Pills vs Injections – And Availability in the Market

DianabolDianabol is one of the common performance building drugs available in the market. Wondered how to use it as an injection? Well, even though it is not a common method, this is also one of the options. Interestingly, keeping these side by side, you won’t find too many differences. But even a slight difference between these two mean a lot to the athletes and sportsmen.

Now coming to injection dianabol, it is simply methandrostenolone that’s suspended in the water. This is usually different from the other steroid injections available in the market, mainly because those are suspended in oil. But this simply doesn’t change how the dianabol works. It pretty much gives the same result as the dianabol pills.

Coming to the similarities, both the Dbol injections and pills pass through the liver without getting destroyed in the process. In fact, both these convert testosterone to estrogen. In simple words, these both result in quick muscle growth and increased strength. Similarly, like the tablet you need to take Dbol injections along with training program and proper diet. This is extremely important if you wish to get good and proper results.

There are also few differences between the oral pills and Dianabol injections. It is really uncommon to find any Dbol tablet that’s been tampered in any way. In fact, the methandrostenolone powder is pretty cheap and readily available, unlike the Dbol injections. In case of Dianabol oral pills you don’t need to mess with the dosage, while with the injections you are likely to buy the under dosed ones.

Most athletes find it easy to choose the easy-to-swallow oral pills as opposed to the injection. However, it must be taken into consideration that over dose of both can be fatal. But again, Dbol injection is less toxic than the oral pills, even though both are toxic to the liver.

Another significant difference, the injection directly goes into the muscles and works faster than the oral pills. However, both these are extremely fast and choosing one over the other is rather difficult.

Choosing Dianabol tablet or injection is a matter of personal choice. This is because you are likely to get the same results, face similar side effects and so on. Irrespective of whether you choose injections or pills, you are going to get the same results.

Coming to the availability in the market, Dbol pills are more common and widely available in the market compared to the injections.

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